Saturday, February 7, 2009


Common Vision is a non-profit organization that takes twenty-five volunteers down the coast of California on the world's largest waste veggie oil powered caravan. We stop at elementary schools for a rockin' day program about re-connection with our earth, focusing especially on our connection with food.

We start the day with a performance full of costumes and music and then go into hands on workshops where we plant trees, create eco-beats, and drum.

You all can contribute Common Vision if you feel so inspired. We are holding a mile-a-thon. So, for $1 a mile, you can sponsor as many miles as you can, whether that is five miles or the full 3000.

Common Vision can definitely use the funds at the moment. They have had to give more scholarships this year to schools then ever before and their big donors have tightened up donations going to non-profits because of the economic shifts happening in our country. Being that funding for the arts is being cut exponentially, few schools are able to afford such programs. This is our grassroots attempt to continue getting these essential messages to the children, our future.

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