Monday, February 9, 2009

Fruit Tree Tour Mile-a-Thon

Thank you for visiting the Fruit Tree Tour Mile-A-Thon page!

Common Vision's Fruit Tree Tour is on the road, an epic journey across 3,000 miles, to 30 cities in California for more than 50 planting events with public school students and community members.

Fruit Tree Tour is now:

- traveling with 25 volunteer educators in busses fueled by recycled vegetable oil

- educating 10,000 students

- planting 1000 Fruit Trees at California public school

- cooling the planet

- creating local food resources

- collaborating with community organizations

- looking forward to every one of the 3,000 miles on the road

In these times when schools are among the hardest hit, and non- profit funding is pinched- we need to work harder than ever get the tour on the road and bring healthier foods and a healthier environment to California school kids.

Common Vision is calling upon supporters to make Fruit Tree Tour 2009 possible. Please join this grassroots movement and make a donation.
Common Vision invites you to use the PayPal button below to sponsor this tour for $1 a mile.

Please take the time to help out not only the youth of our world, but also the health of this planet we live on. Thank you so much!

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