Monday, February 15, 2010

Sarah's Mile-a-thon

Please joining me on this 3,000 mile journey to inspire over 10,000 children and plant 1,000 trees by sponsoring a portion of it at $1 a mile. EVERY DONATION HELPS. From $5 to $3,000, whatever you can offer. Please take the time to invest in the youth, and the health of our planet. Thank you so much!

Hello beautiful friends and family!

I’m so excited to be a part of Fruit Tree Tour, an amazing 3,000-mile journey all over California on the world’s largest veggie powered caravan to schools and community centers. On this tour we share a daylong program of tree planting including an inspiring performance helping to empower youth at the schools about the environment.
Many of the youth that we work with do not have the access to healthy organic foods, however through this tour they are one step closer to getting that fresh produce into their tummies.

I met Common Vision through a tree planting two years ago and was inspired by what they were doing and am super blessed to be touring with them this year to channel more inspiration and positivity. Funding has been difficult and we could really use some extra help to keep us moving. We are funded by grants, scholarships, and donations from people like you! If you pledge 1$ a mile you can join me on this beautiful journey.

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