Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dan Bean's Mile-a-thon

Dan Bean: Beard-free for the Vision!

Dan Bean: On the Bus

Please joining me on this 3,000 mile journey to inspire over 10,000 children and plant 1,000 trees by sponsoring a portion of it at $1 a mile. EVERY DONATION HELPS. From $5 to $3,000, whatever you can offer. Please take the time to invest in the youth, and the health of our planet. Thank you so much!

Hi friends, as some of you know I am giving up my sedentary, status quo life and joining with seventeen other goofball educators, to plant over a thousand fruit trees and well that’s just the bit I can fit into one sentence. Commonvision (.org) is an all volunteer non profit that has been making this ‘fruit tree tour’ happen for seven years now. In a time when school programs of any worth (my biased opinion) like music, art, and hands on science are being cut; Fruit tree tour is reaching over twelve thousand students (mostly in underserved communities) with a full music, dance and giant puppet filled program, not to mention the students planting the trees. And yes the big ol stylee busses that will be taking us on the three thousand mile tour, run on used grease from restaurants. The breakdown is pretty amazing, schools pay two hundred to eight hundred dollars to plant trees and inspire their school, and the actual price per school is around two thousand dollars; so where does the rest of the money come from, yep you guessed it. Obama raised millions of dollars in smallish donations from people who usually don’t find themselves giving money, and that’s exactly how we make up the difference of school money spent and the money needed. Of course even tiny donations help.

This is more than a call for money, I am mostly exited to share this project that has been inspiring me, for years even though this is the first year I have joined the tour. We are going to be updating a newsletter weekly and putting new pictures and movie clips.
Ps. I am oh so stoked… and a little nervous about waking up at six thirty in the morning most days (yikes).

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