Monday, February 15, 2010

Jack's Mile-a-thon

Please joining me on this 3,000 mile journey to inspire over 10,000 children and plant 1,000 trees by sponsoring a portion of it at $1 a mile. EVERY DONATION HELPS.

Hello Friends,

Many of you may have not heard from me for awhile but I just want to share with you a magical journey that I am a part of this winter. I am on the Common Vision Fruit Tree Tour the world's largest veggie oil powered caravan planting fruit trees, singing songs, a Green Theater, and mostly inspiring children to connect with food and the earth throughout California. Our focus is reaching out to children in under served communities such as South Central LA, Oakland, and also rural areas that don't have access to fresh nutritious food. Each tree we plant is a teaching opportunity for a group of kids to learn how to plant, learn about the basic science behind tree growth and the importance of local foods and connect with the earth. Check out the inspiring 5-min EMMY AWARD-winning documentary made about the project at the bottom of the page.

I have been following the amazing work this organization has been doing for the past couple of years and feel extremely blessed to be on the tour this year. This grassroots organization is people powered and community supported with a core of volunteers and a lot of community donations. As it seems to be in a lot of places, the budget is a tight one this year.
If you have some money you want to flow in the direction of making the world a better place, go ahead and support the tour! I will be sending out a personal update through my google group and through the Common Vision website.

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