Friday, January 23, 2009

Megan Watson

Me at school in 1983 with family dog Bluto at show and tell. Sure is cute, but what’s up with all of the concrete?

Good thing we’re planting trees!

Me at a school in 2005 planting trees with students and Common Vision

For the fifth year in a row I am a Project Director on the Fruit Tree Tour, criss-crossing California on the Common Vision bus, and traveling 3,000 miles to plant fruit trees with students and neighbors in 30 cities.

I love working with a project that creates change through action. The more 50,0000 people who have been part of the last five years of Fruit Tree Tour have all worked together for the same thing- a planet that is a little better off, with more trees, more healthy food, and stronger communities.

Many of the youth that plant fruit trees with Common Vision live in low income communities and deal with significant issues of limited access to healthy foods. Some kids see 20 fast food and liquor stores to every one grocery store in their neighorhood! Not only does Fruit Tree Tour bring a fun day of environmental education, but the schools have a new resource of local foods to keep kids and their growing minds healthy!

Many of you know that I donate a huge amount of time to Common Vision and Fruit Tree Tour throughout the year. I invite you to be part of this project with me. Please take a moment to support this work. Pledge $1 a mile for the first five miles, or all 3,000!Please take the time to help out not only the youth of our world, but also the health of this planet we live on. Thank you so much!

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