Monday, January 26, 2009

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Thank you for visiting my Mile-A-Thon page!

I'm excited for Fruit Tree Tour, an epic journey that will carry me 3,000 miles, to 30 cities in California for more than 50 planting events with public school students and community members.

In the next 10 weeks, I will be:

- traveling with fellow volunteers in a bus fueled by recycled vegetable oil

- educating 10,000 students

- planting 1000 Fruit Trees

- charging my phone and computer with power from the bus’s solar panels

- eating meals made from produce by local farms

- acting on my beliefs

- looking forward to every one of the 3,000 miles that lie ahead.

I am joining with an all volunteer team to implement all aspects of this project. I am supporting Fruit Tree Tour through my hard work, passion and dedication.

Fruit Tree Tour is funded through grants, sponsorships, and donations by people like you!

I invite you to use the PayPal button below to sponsor me on this tour for $1 a mile. Support me for a few miles or the whole tour!

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