Friday, December 12, 2008

Faith Sabatine

Please joining me on this 3,000 mile journey to inspire over 10,000 children and plant 1,000 trees by sponsoring a portion of it at $1 a mile. EVERY DONATION HELPS. From $5 to $3,000, whatever you can offer. Please take the time to invest in the youth, and the health of our planet. Thank you so much!

Hello Friends and Family,
I am once again on Fruit Tree Tour. I can't help it! This is my 3rd tour and feel thankful every time for this unique opportunity to bring ecological awareness to youth in an meaningful, inspiring and unique way. This year we are rolling in a tighter formation with a smaller crew and a shorter amount of time, so it's even more jammed pack with trees and outreach. I am excited to work intimately with the trees for the second tour.

Also this year I have the opportunity to contribute to the Common Vision organization through helping to coordinate the 1000 fruit trees that we order and carry the whole time with us. I included a picture of how we transport some 900 bareroot fruit trees in our refrigerator truck.
When figuring out which fruit trees we plant at our various locations, not only do we aim to create diversity at every school and community center, there are other factors that need to be considered. One is when they fruit, which is important so that kids are in school when the fruit is ready to harvest. Another is how many chill hours the fruit tree variety needs in order to set fruit. Picking varieties that are appropriate to the location they are planted is very important. (A chill hour is every hour the tree is under 45 degrees F). Not only is it's very exciting when we bring peaches, plums, and nectarines to schools, it's even more exhilarating when we bring citrus, bananas, cherimoyas and avocados for this northern girl.

We at Common Vision need more grassroots help from our friends, with donations being the our biggest source of funding making this tour possible. So if you can, I ask that you sponsor our tour for only $1 a mile. Just think of the schools that we offer scholarships that are underfunded and how they still could get an instant orchard and amazing creative program that will stay with them for the rest of their lives! Please use the PayPal button below to support us today!

Please take time to check out our new upcoming FRUIT TREE TV and the other wonderful things that happen with this organization. Check out pictures on Flicker too!

Thank you so much! May all beings be happy and know that they are loved!

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