Thursday, March 19, 2009

Joscelyn's Mile-A-Thon

I am grateful for the honor of growing with a group that shares a similar objective: sowing seeds of hope and the impulse to assume our collective responsibility to restore earth's balance.

We are a living learning community formed by a fleet of three buses running on vegetable oil. We are 24 volunteers from diverse cultural backgrounds come together to make a better future through substantial projects.

The talent of each member is exposed in our eco-theater performance, where the people of the past and future, and nature messengers like the bird and the bear, integrate a inspirational sequence that empowers children to realize how valuable each members work is in the present for construction of healthy communities.

In the drum group we have drums made with reused materials like barrels, and buckets (bass drums), tin cans, pot tins and sticks (bells), water bottles and tin cans, round and smashed with seeds inside (shakers), complementing with the djembe drums.

Each child rotates, in order to play all of the instruments, and to bring that experience back home, making their own tools to explore rhythm. The heart beat is one of the main rhythms which the whole group gets involved in, and then we do a mini orchestra, were we play hip hop and other joyful rhythms, that are near to daily life.

The expression session group lets the children explore their own potential to speak up on how they see, and want to see, the world. This holds a space for envisioning the power of each ones truth.

Our physical seed is the tree planting, a way the children keep connected with Common Vision's inspiration, through the stewardship of the growth of the fruit tree they have planted together with the crew members, an empowering action that makes us conscious and grounded on how we can all grow food forests, so necessary in this times of global food crisis.

Complementary to this, is all of the sites that we have been camping in, from a 600 year old tree garden, and the old oaks, to the ocean, the birds, the wind in the trees, and all of nature's messengers blessing us with their greetings.

My home is now the Jah Lioness, the medicine bus, with the turtle conch protecting on the back, teaching us how the natural cycles and boundaries of the earth, are already being restored, if we learn to be present and useful.

We have the support and abundance, like the farmer's markets donations so we have enough to eat, and keep on rollin, but for now we still have other expenses, which have to be covered, and we don't have the economical resources to do it, so this is an open request for all of those who feel connected to this work, and that want to support, this is the exact moment we need you to be part of this effort. Use the Pledge button below to help make it possible.

The future generations thank you infinitely....

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