Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brian Flynn

Thank you for taking a moment to visit my Fruit Tree Tour Mile-A-Thon page and considering to pledge your support for our tour. For the last four years, I have the amazing opportunity to join over 20 other volunteers for Common Vision’s annual Fruit Tree Tour! For 10-weeks, we travel in the world’s largest vegetable-oil powered caravan to bring our day-long program of tree planting, drumming, and creative expression to schools throughout California. Click on the video to the right to view a short clip from the Emmy Award winning documentary about Fruit Tree Tour.

One of the most amazing aspects of Common Vision is that the entire organization is run BY VOLUNTEERS! In order to continue providing scholarships to underserved schools, keeping our veggie-oil powered fleet (3 buses, 1 refrigerator truck, 1 fuel truck, 1 soil pick-up, 1 Mercedes wagon) on the road, and keeping the volunteers fed, we rely on donations from people LIKE YOU. Over 70% of our operating budget comes from individual donations! Whether a donation is large or small, every penny helps to keep our tour rolling!

Fruit Tree Tour has been the most inspiring project I've ever been a part of. I love having the opportunity every day to convert barren schoolyards to urban/suburban orchards. Getting the students out of the classroom to get their hands in the soil while learning about our connection to the food we eat and the earth we live on is an experience the students won't soon forget!

To support Fruit Tree Tour, I encourage you to use the PayPal button below to sponsor me for $1 a mile on our 3,000 mile journey. Even if you can only pledge $5, your donation is incredibly appreciated. Whatever your donation may be, thank you for putting your money towards the health of our planet and of future generations!
For more info, visit and check us out on Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube!

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